Good Deeds Day - Rome, 2016

Good Deeds Day - Rome, 2016

Held on April 10, Good Deeds Day seeks to increase the circle of good around the world. The day unites 70 countries in a day where good deeds are done everywhere in the world. The idea for the day is pretty simple: “every person can do a good deed and create positive impact”.

The events organized in many cities are aimed towards demonstrating that people can unite around good and make the world a better place. In 2015, 930,000 people in 61 countries united to perform good deeds which involve natural citizens and volunteer organizations. 

Rome kicked off Good Deeds Day on April 8, with Rome’s Jewish School collecting food and clothes from generous donors. That same day, a conference on the issues of cooperation in Africa took place at the Chamber of Deputies. This activity was organized by the Liaison Committee of Catholics for a Civilization of Love.

On April 9, volunteer projects were held all over the city. These activities were held with the participation of the citizens of Rome. Piazza Viatoro held a great gathering where sports and integration were the main points of celebration.

On April 10, in partnership with the Rome Marathon, more good deeds were performed by organizations. It was a time that allowed people from Rome to learn about the many charities and how each citizen could contribute. The activity ended at 15:30 hours with an audience and participants having an honest desire to help others.

In 2015, Rome was the capital of Good Deeds Day, and was the site of almost a million people donating more than 3 million volunteer hours to doing good.