Lessons to learn from Tyler Perry's movie "Good Deeds"

Lessons to learn from Tyler Perry's movie

“Good deeds” is an uplifting, romance drama that covers aspects of relationships and the impact that defining choices have in our lives. The movie, which is a bit apart from what we are used to seeing from Tyler Perry, is a drama that tells the story about a businessman who always does what is expected of him. His life becomes upset by a homeless single mother whom he decides to help. When you see the movie, you will recognize some lessons that we could learn.

Don’t let anyone else choose your path

This is liable to take you to a miserable existence. When you let others make the important decisions in your life, you will always succumb to unnecessary pressure. An unfulfilled life is not what you were placed here to have; live it making your own decisions. This also applies to the pressure that your family and friends might put on you to get married. 

Work jealousy will destroy you

They say that whenever you succeed in something, keep it to yourself. This is because if you share it, even with close friends and family, they will try to give negative advice. Our friends want us to be successful, but not more than them.  

Always speak with the truth

Speak the truth to those that are very close to you, always. It does not matter what happens.  You are probably in a group where everyone is talking behind the back of someone else. Go ahead and speak the truth, even if it hurts both of you.

Accept help from others

We cannot do it all by ourselves. We will always be in need of others. You will be surprised at all the things you can get done with a little help.  If someone comes over and offers their help, let them.  You never know what great things will come from those that genuinely want to make things easier for you.