Three good deeds done for Random Acts of Kindness Week

Three good deeds done for Random Acts of Kindness Week

This year’s Random Act of Kindness week (Feb 14-20, 2016) had a multitude of touching stories. Social media was abuzz with thousands of participants and brands from the world over posting and sharing their kind deeds.

The thought behind Random Act of Kindness, is to have at least one dedicated day where you do something selfless for someone else’s happiness. It’s a great way to boost self-morale and helps decrease stress, boost inner happiness, lower blood pressure,  release serotonin & oxytocin – commonly referred to as feel-good  chemicals has a rippling effect!

Try some of these random acts to get yourself started.

At work, send someone a thoughtful note: We often forget to thank or encourage our peers at work. This is a great way to pep them up and help boost their self-esteem. Try pointing out something unique to that person that you have come to appreciate.

Hold a garage sale to give away stuff for free that you may no longer need - who knows, someone else just might! We often clutter up our own spaces by hanging on to things out of attachment. Put it to better use. Let someone who can benefit from it, have it

Clean the trash area around the trash when you throw something away. We all try to throw away our trash properly, but sometimes little pieces of trash fall out or miss the garbage completely. This time, do a public service by picking up any extra trash lying around. For all you know people watching you may just pitch in to help you.                     

Every small gesture leads to a multitude of positive effects. So go ahead and get the ball rolling. Wouldn’t you like to be the person who made someone else’s day for a change?