How to choose a tutor for your child

How to choose a tutor for your child

Now at you’ve decided to choose a tutor for your child, it’s important that you know how to choose the right one.

You can start by getting recommendations on the best tutor from friends and family. Keep in mind that since the needs of each child is different, what might be good for your friend’s child, may not be good for yours. Recommendations have to have credibility, but the tutor’s personality and skills must match that of your child’s needs.

Check to determine what experience the tutor has in teaching the age group of your child. It’s not a very wise decision to hire a primary school tutor to teach a secondary school student. If you are looking for a tutor to help your child with reading or spelling, then a tutor that specializes in geography would not be an appropriate choice.

Check for the tutor’s qualifications, even if you are going to choose a tutor from an agency. Most times, agencies hire tutors who are qualified teachers.

If you happen to find a tutor on your own, make sure you check for qualifications and get written recommendations or references. Check the references by contacting them by phone. If you are given contact numbers of parents who’ve used their services, then that’s even better.

Many tutors are glad to answer your questions –and yes, you must ask many! If they are uncomfortable with you quizzing them about their qualifications and experience, then that should be a red flag.

Check if they charge for missed lessons, if they give homework, if they have a way of verifying improvement. You should also check with the school on a regular basis to see if your child’s work is showing improvement. For safety reasons, it is best if the tutor comes to your home and that you are present during the lessons, maybe not in the same room, but within listening distance. You should also talk with your child often to see that they are comfortable with the tutor.