Schools in Surrey, B.C. Expect to Enrol 300 More Syrian Refugees

Schools in Surrey, B.C. Expect to Enrol 300 More Syrian Refugees

The Surrey school district recently announced that it is ready to receive approximately 300 more Syrian refugees as students in the forthcoming months. The district received 350 Syrian students last year and these individuals also happened to be seekers of refuge.

Surrey Schools happen to be the biggest district in British Columbia. Doug Strachan, its spokesman, stated that the district is looking forward to having 300 more Syrian refugees by December. He said, 1,000 more students are expected this year making the figure to approximately 71, 000. Strachan honestly says that this figure is quite high but despite this circumstance, the district is already prepared to deal with such number.

In an interview, the spokesman said, “There’s likely a perception that we’re full right across the board, but we’re not”. Strachan added that the district has three areas which are overcapacity. He explained that there are schools which are slightly overcapacity, some that have a fair number of students, and some that really have space.

Strachan also mentioned in the interview regarding refugee families, the district is actually reaching out to social services agencies. The agencies can determine which schools can still accommodate these families.

In this interview, Strachan also stressed the plan of the provincial government to create around 2, 700 new spaces for the students in Surrey and this will take place in May. With $74.2 million that the provincial government will provide for this plan, Surrey Schools is spending $25.3 million for the same purpose.