Essential Oils Are Poisoning Children

Essential Oils Are Poisoning Children

Home remedies have become popular in recent years. People use them to cure various conditions from depression to allergies. More often not, home remedies involve the use of essential oils. However, more kids are at risk of poisoning from oils due to improper dosing or ingestion.


Poisoning from natural essential oils has increased a 100 percent from 2011 to 2015. Parents think that being natural make the oils safe. However, it depends on the dosage. Poisoning among children often occurs when kids swallow the oil and a small amount finds its way into the lungs leading to pneumonia. It only takes a small amount of essential oil to lead to the condition.


Many people think essential oils are 100 percent safe because they used them for a long time and come from natural sources. However, it is not true in many instances. Some essential oils can cause rashes. Many oils can result in poisoning when swallowed or absorbed by the skin.


All Essential Oils Can Poison Children


Parents should know that all types of essential oils could lead to poisoning. Camphor, lavender, thyme, clove, eucalyptus, wintergreen, and tea tree oils are common essential oils that poison kids.


Children are attracted to the essential oils because of they smell good. That’s why it is important to keep the essential oils out of children’s reach. Children’s skin is thinner than adults’ skin, and they absorb oil faster.


Overdosing with essential oil can result in serious symptoms that include hallucinations, agitation, chemical burns, liver failure, brain swelling, breathing problems, and seizures. If you think that your child is suffering from essential oil poisoning, contact emergency services right away. You should not assume that it is 100 percent safe because it is natural, because most of the time it is not.