Top Foods To Eat When You Are Constipated

Top Foods To Eat When You Are Constipated

Most people have experience some form of constipation at a point in their lives, and it isn’t easy to be normal when nature’s call doesn’t come naturally! Here are some of the best foods worth having for cleansing your stomach. 

Add the Beans
Compared to most other veggies, beans have the best fiber content and can be cooked in multiple ways. You can use beans in your pastas, rice or even stir-fried veggies. At least a cup of beans for a week should be on the menu to see the best results.

Stick to Whole grain breads
Every brown bread isn’t whole grain bread! Yes, most people don’t read the labels and continue consuming brown bread. Always check the label and find if the product is guaranteed 100% whole again. As a good move, steer clear of refined flour or all purpose flour. 

Go all nuts
Nuts, especially peanuts, almonds, walnuts and pistachios, are great sources of protein, and ideally you should be having at least a handful each day. However, people who watch calories should be careful because most nuts are high on calories, as well. 

More of Broccoli 
Most vegetables are good in fiber content, but broccoli certainly stands out. You can have broccoli in regular broth or simply bake it for a tasty snack. Ideally, this is one veggie that shouldn’t be overcooked as it can damage the fiber content. 
Finally, ensure you are well hydrated all through the day, because water works wonders in easing chronic constipation and can also offer relief to bloat.