Find inspiration at

Find inspiration at

In the world we live in today, we are bombarded with disappointing news, stories of crime and war. It is sometimes very difficult to turn on the television and hear encouraging events. is one website that could change your thinking and inspire you to be positive in life. was started in 1998 when one of the students shared inspiration quotes with his friends and in turn his friends started sharing with others by sending them the inspiration quotes on a daily basis. is a web portal that shares quotes and news stories which are inspiring and intended to motivate and encourage people to have a positive outlook in life. This website is run by a team of volunteers, a team of editors who select the stories, and a team of regular contributors.


These volunteers take charge of contributing hundreds of uplifting stories that might inspire people. With the help of social media and websites these positive and inspiring stories are shared to more than 100,000 subscribers through weekly and daily newsletters.


The website has segregated the news and the stories into categories, each category dedicated to raise spirits, to provide enjoyment as well as information. Some of the categories are;

  • Generosity
  • Everyday Heroes
  • Nature
  • Work
  • Science & Tech
  • Mind & Body
  • Business


You can subscribe to this website by their email address. Subscribers receive newsletters, inspiring quotes, and suggestions that are intended to help to change lives and attitudes, to bring a smile and also inspire people to do good things.