How does inspiration software help learning?

How does inspiration software help learning?

Inspiration Software was founded in 1982 and has been focussing and developing new innovative technologies to support visual learning and thinking. Since 1987, the company has taken tremendous measures to accomplish their vision and goals of the company for students.

Products and Services:

  • Inspiration and Kidspiration for Mac/Windows
  • Inspiration for IPhone/IPad
  • Kidspiration Maps for IPad
  • Webspiration Classroom for Web/Chromebooks
  • Webspiration PRO for Web/Chromebooks

These products and services inspire students and creative people to develop thinking and improve organizational skills.

Visual Thinking and Visual Learning:

Visual Thinking is a learning style that helps to understand the information better when the ideas, words, and concepts are in the form of images.

Visual learning strategies that are being used in the classroom are as follows:

  • Creating graphic organizers
  • Mind and concept mapping
  • Webbing
  • Outlining
  • Plots and graphs etc.


These strategies help the students of any age group learn and manage their objectives, professional, and personal goals. The students are required to put in their new thoughts and knowledge and also have to gather and evaluate information from various sources.

According to the research visual learning:

  • Helps the students to have clarity and helps them to understand better.
  • Helps the students to evaluate, analyze, and organize the information.
  • Helps the student to put together more new thoughts and knowledge.
  • Helps the student to think critically and to recall all necessary details when required.

In visual learning, new concepts and more theories are easily understood compared to other forms of learning. Visual thinking and learning uses graphs as a method to share ideas and other information.

According to research and psychology, visual learning is the best method for students to learn information and to learn to think.